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Tagged by: The one I hug a lot :iconthe-madness-begin:


🍓Rules and Shit~

1: Post these rules

2: Post 8 facts about your character

3: Tag 8 other characters

4: Post their name along with the creator's avatar


😎 Terri, mah baby, mah Multiuniverse Oc who I love with a passion~

1: She's 6'6! 030

2: She's protective of me cause I am so smol to her uWu

3: When her hair is out of their cornrows it's really poofy and fluffy UwU

4: She loooooves taking selfies. She's very photogenic and knows it~

5: Her style is pretty modern but enjoys darker colors over bright colors.

6: Clothes usually consist of a crop top, short black jean shorts, whatever accessories she wants(but always Sunglasses~), and usually boots or some sandals~

7: For how intimidating she is, she actually is pretty soft if you catch her on it~ Especially to her boyfriend(in whatever fandom I put her in~) She'll be a tiiiiny bit shy and will like hold their hand and just sit there and enjoy it~

8: She doesn't have many nicknames but usually people she's been around will call her Jordan(her last name) or I and some special people call her Ter Ter~

9: She REALLY wants a tattoo but she hasn't made up her mind on what she wants!

10: Will fuck you uppppp if you mess with her or her friends. She's a beast and doesn't get knocked down very easily!!


Also I ain't tagging no body 😛 I don't like taggin~
Holy Shit XD
Welp, went from over 1,000 deviations to a little bit over 700 XD In one night XD
Yeah I cleaned up the gallery and deleted all the old art that I thought was too crappy to be called 'my art'. o3o Plus it was baaaad and like some I kept to save and remake or just keep cause I didn't know what to do with it but other then that uWu Everything is updated and should be to my liking~
Ah! *hops onto the Grimmjow band wagon even though I'm like SOOOOOO late* It's not too late to join yeah? .U. *has some hopeful drawings to come out in a few days maybe a couple weeks*

>A< *flails* All these cute and sexy Actors just being their sexy and cute self! GAH I need to write stories!!!!
*looks up from over the screen* Anyone want to rp? I'm like in a Hobbit/Bleach mood. So yeah. Maybe crossover. Be badass to have like the Company become Shinigami in Bleach. *thinks of Thorin and Grimmjow/Zaraki/Ichigo battling it out* They would be their own Squad probably. *goes back to my paper*
I always knew life was gonna be hard after what I've been through. My dad passed away almost two years ago, my high school career is slowly ending, my mother's health is getting worse by the day.....

Can't I have one moment where everything feels alright? Where I don't have to stress over a phone call, take another trip to the ER, another surgery waiting to happen, another day to miss a day at school with my friends, a day not being on here to enjoy my life, a moment where I can feel at peace, safe, happy, carefree.....

When can I have my moment? Or am I too late?
*has hair in a braid that wraps around my head* .3. I'm not obsessed you are!!! *points*

*looks at the song Misty Mountains about 10 times* STILL NOT OBSESSED! 0^0

*has been reading Thorin X readers for 3 days now* .......okay maybe a little.....
*laughs and rolling around*

*blinks and jumps up brushing self off* Okaie, I just had a funny idea~ XP Wanted to share with everyone.

Now, I haven't seen One Piece in AGES but I still love my silly Love-Cook Sanji~ *giggles a bit* But I've figured out how to make a love triangle~ So I haven't seen how far One Piece has gotten but this character Cavendish~ *laughs* Now he is fucking fabulous as fuck like Ichi(Male me) can even agree to that, and he's hard to impress!

Ichi: *looks over Cavendish* Daaaaaaaamn~ He fine as hell~ *thumbs up*

So while Cavendish maybe hot his personality, not the greatest, but that's what makes this triangle interesting~

So you have these characters~
Ichigo(One piece me~)
and Cavendish~

Ichigo->Does love Sanji but fawns over how hot Cavendish is from time to time
Sanji->Loves Ichigo
Cavendish->Find Ichigo well enough to be as equally attractive as he is and kinda likes her
Sanji->Very much dislikes how Cavendish is getting closer to Ichigo and vise versa

So! I think it'll be interesting XP I might make a one shot about it once I learn more about Cavendish~
XDDD This Dwarf! Omg! I barely even remember the First hobbit movie yet this dwarf!  Thorin by Joanna-Vu
omg I really just need to stop! XD *is slain by Thorin x Readers and the whole Hobbit/Lord of the Rings series*
Okay so Happy Holidays to everyone ^^ *waves and is somehow still in school*

How's everyone? 0x0 *waits patiently for response*

Well I'm stressed to say the least! *sighs* I wanna rp but it's Gangsta and ugh I wanna use Jackie again! >^< *sighs* but whatever. I still got some drawings to finish and homework to catch up on so ttyl guys! Ja ne~
How are you guys~? *sits pretty waiting for your response*

Well I'm doing okay~ It's Thanksgiving and Happy Thanksgiving to all of those who celebrate it! I'm thankful to have you all as friends~ And I hope to share many more memories with you guys~! >W<

So go out and eat whatever you guys eat on this thankful holiday, me personally I'm basic and traditionalist I'll be having turkey~

XD But that's not the main reason why I made this journal, *though I did want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving don't get me wrong on that!* but I wanted to tell you guys something.

I want to start making a story, one that I could hopefully finish.  The thing is though, I need help.

Many of you are writers I can tell from the awesome stuff you guys write, so I wanted to ask, where should I start? I know I should write something that I'm most familiar with, which is anime and or Marvel Movies(I.E Captain America .w. Sexy Steve and Sexy Bucky~ *dreams*)

But I need tips on how to stay motivated in a story, to keep it moving all the way until I finish it. Can you help me on that? .w. I hope to get a story out soon.

Other than that, See ya guys~! Enjoy your day~! >W< 
Woohoo Sick and getting new Oc ideas! Such a great combo!

Okay so this just happened like a few minutes ago. Listening to Inuyasha's lullaby. (Omg I haven't talked about Inuyasha in FOREVER! XD) but it got me thinking~

What if Inuyasha had like a god-mother or an aunt?(Yes Sesshomaru's mom is technically Inu's aunt but besides the point!) I thought I could make a demon oc who was around when Inu no Tashio and Izayoi were still alive? She could have been a close friend to them and in their deaths, she was to watch over Inuyasha, and yet sadly she couldn't stop Inuyasha getting pinned to the tree and she has the regret of not being quick enough. 

Seriously I want to do this!!! X3 Ah I am gonna do it~! *nods*
I just might get back into Wolf's Rain. Don't know for sure, but I wanna re-do Aki. XD Oh man she is SUCH an old oc. It makes me cringe to see the rps I did with her.

Aki: *glares* 

Nothing against ya Aki ^^; i was just a young one at the time!

Aki: That's what I thought.

Oh boy ^^; Well her name will definitely change, maybe a whole redesign. Not sure yet. But the picture of her is definitely going in the trash sooner or later. *thinks* Or I can do one of them "Draw it Again" memes. .3. *shrugs* Don't know yet~!
But how's like for ya'll? .3. Life's okay here. I mean school is sucking like usual~! So that's a plus?
But to my CLOSE friends if ya wanna know a secret and PROMISE to tell no one, note me and I'll tell ya~ *giggles* Just include: "Promise to hold" in the note :P
The one Bosch character i can't pair my female self with!!! Nuuuuuu
But on the up note: I never knew Kung Jin was gay! That's like really cool to find though cause in the MKX game he's just.... *thinks* hm i can't quite explain but i just never pictured him as gay .3. Nothing wrong obviously but *is digging her own grave as she keeps talking* okay! Basically i'm just mad over nothing XDD

I hope to make a Mortal Kobat character soon~ hopefully... Cause hell i gotta catch up on the story....also i wanna pair a character with Kung Jin.... Don't look at me like that....

Bosch is Love
Bosch is Life~ :heart:
.w. I wish I had better recording equipment so I could make better videos on Youtube .w. Damn....I could make awesome covers of all kinds of songs.
Okay i LOVE V for Vendetta XDDDDD
Cards against humanity with Thugisa~? Anyone? .w.
XDDD I am like obsessing over DIYs right now....I wanna be crafty but I don't have supplies ;w; and I can't go out and get them because A: I don't have the long enough time to do so, B: The closest craft store is 30 minute drive away .w. so basically it takes an hour for that trip. But! If.....if I ever get that moment of craftiness I will share it with you guys, I hope to soon get a laptop that has a decent paint program, (Chromebooks I learn suck with paint programs .w. So I basically use mine for writing, here, and youtube).

I plan to hopefully get more art out for all of you to see~ But I have a very very tight schedule for certain times, *Mainly the late afternoon* Because Volleyball is kicking in and that's always fun. (XD I love the sport but goddamn I hate summer practices). 

School starts for me in about 4 weeks maybe? I don't know, but .w. with my bad schedule of sports and my summer job....I HAVE NO TIME FOR SCHOOL SHOPPING!!!!!! *flails* Literally all I have for supplies are pencils and folders .w. Please....send help.....

Also, I'm working on my traditional art, since well .w. Art class focuses on that I guess....but I just wanted to fix it up I guess XD my mom didn't get me 20 dollar How to Manga books for nothing! So yeah that's where part of my art is going but, I hope to get back into the swing of digital art again when the school gives me a better laptop! (Cause for two years I had to deal with a small, slow, junk style netbook! No más! My class finally gets better running laptops~! *w*)

Speaking of school.....I'm gonna be a junior guys!!! *insert shocked emoji face here* DX I'm sort of scared but also excited at the same time! I'm scared cause my high school career is ending so fast, but excited because I just get to go back and make new memories at my crappy school XD

Work is another subject. As most of you know, I work at an Ice Cream Shop. Sounds like a blast right~! No .w. I have worked their for almost two years, and I can say holy crap this job sucks. Like the area I work in is an L shaped base with like 2-3 feet of room to work with! Because I'm stuck behind a cooler of ice cream and counters! .w. Also making milkshakes ain't that fun...... Like my first year working there my hand got so cramped from scooping ice cream that i had to get a brace, a frickin BRACE! (Lovely that this happened right before basketball camp no~? .w.)

I'm also obsessing over the game Cards Against Humanity.... XD I love the game so much. Some of you guys should come play~! I usually make a server on the online version, and so far....I got one player to play with me XD And it was hella fun when we did Bucky and Steve. Holy shit the username they used was hilarious XD Makes me just wanna use it on ol' Cap~ Comment if ya'll wanna hear it XDDDD

Hm let's see what else is going on with my life that you guys might not read about? XDD Cause I'm just ranting through what the fuck is going on with my life that some of ya'll might not even read~ *shrugs* .w. <- This emoji..... I'm obsessed with it.

Basically my life is a big ball of hoopla right now XD But! I still make a great effort (More like procrastinate the other things to get here .w.) to get on here and just relax and go through dA. dA is my second home, I can enjoy things I like and share what I want :) And if you made it to the end of this journal, then my hat goes of to you. *tips my hat* Thank you for reading though my rants and for being you~! So, stay awesome guys, smile everyday, no matter what, smile! (My mom always tries to get me to smile, and :) I might as well start doing so. Might put a bit of light in me XDDD)

Stay awesome guys~ 

Fresa for Keiko-chan ~Ichigo~Fresa for Keiko-chan 

  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?

    I've been on for 3 years now! I started on July 27th 2012.

  • What does your username mean?

    XD It's so stuuupid! So back then, I was obsessed with Bleach and the main character Ichigo. (You still are! Me: DX I know!) But! Over all I just put in Ichigoslover and well XD i had an obsession with putting 101 at the end of EVER username I had....I have like 3 accounts that have 101 at the end of them XD So yeah! And over time it became the nickname I have today! Ichigo~!

  • Describe yourself in three words.

    Creative, Sarcastic, Kind :)

  • Are you left or right handed?

    Righty Baby~

  • What was your first deviation?
    I actually have two first deviations cause well....they were uploaded on the same day XD and I can't remember which one I posted first.

  • Byakuya Chibi style!!! by Ichigoslover101 Cute Chibi Byakuya XD

  • Hichigo!!!! by Ichigoslover101 And Awesome looking Hichigo~ (I was obsessed with Bleach.... ._. I had a problem.....)

  • What is your favourite type of art to create?

    Digital or Traditional cause I'm getting better at that~!

  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    Animation or Photography~

  • What was your first favourite?

    Hichigo baby by Massybeast

    by Massybeast

    .-. I had a very bad problem with Bleach XDDDD

  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    Traditional Art, Digital Art(Either bases or art itself), Photography, Literature, 

  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    I don't do favourite artists. I love everyone's art! :D

  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    Everyone! I would want to meet all my watchers, my friends, and anyone else!!

  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

    Hm.....Well all my friends on here impact my life, like when I'm down they help me smile again. :)

  • What are your preferred tools to create art?

    Digital: Laptop and Paint program~

    Traditional: All my pencils, erasers, and pens~

  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    My room or maybe outside if I find something to draw about XD But most of my inspiration comes from music~

  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

    I don't really keep memories (Cause my memory sucks anyways) But! Jut being on here everyday talking to people, talking to friends, sharing art, making new friends, it's enough to make many memories for the future to come~ :)


Anyone wanna play Cards Against Humanity with Thugisa? XDDDD